Welcome to our Dance World!

We are Chad and Kelly Adams. We have both been dancing since the summer of 2008 and find it absolutely delightful. Our favorite dance styles are 6 -count Swing, 8-count Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag and the Charleston. Dancing, of all kinds, has a very social and fun atmosphere and is a great way to get your heart pumping. You meet great people and form lasting friendships…we even met each other dancing and were happily wed on 10/10/10! If you aren’t already part of the dance community we’d highly suggest it to anyone!

We travel all over the world to keep our dancing skills high and fresh. If you are interested in dance lessons of the vintage era, drop us a line! ck@chadnkelly.com

Workshops/Events we’ve participated in:
Blues N’ Soul – Orlando, FL – 2009
CampHollyWood – Los Angeles, CA -  2008 & 2009
Rock That Swing – Munich, Germany – 2009
SouthernBelle – Atlanta, GA – 2009
Sun State Jam – Orlando, FL – 2008
Swing Dance USA – St. Petersburg, FL – 2008, 2009 & 2010
ORLX – Orlando, FL – 2008 – 2016
Eastern Balboa Championships – Raleigh, NC – 2011 & 2012
SERJ Southeast Regional Jam  - 2014
Lindy Focus – Asheville, NC – 2009, 2011, 2013, 2017
Swingin’ Orlando – 2018

Swing Dance USA JitterBug Champions – 2010
Swing Dance USA Balboa – 2nd Place – 2010
Swing Dance USA Lindy – 1st Place – 2010
Eastern Balboa Championships – Finalist – 2012
Rocky Mountain Balboa J&J – Finalist – 2014 (missed the finals)
Southeast Regional Jam Strictly Bal - 1st Place – 2014
We don’t compete often because we enjoy dancing more as a hobby than a competition, but we do compete on occasion, and will let you know if we bring home any new titles!

Where can you Dance?

A common question we get from new dancers is “where can we get some extra practice in?” Most places throughout the US and overseas have weekly or monthly dances. You may have to do some research on google, and may have to drive a bit to find good venues, but they are out there and they are actually quite numerous! Whenever Chad and I leave home for vacation or work related travel (we own a small web and software engineering company by day), we always check out the dance scene in the area we are traveling to. Generally, we’ve always find a venue (or two!) to dance at whether big or small and always enjoy meeting the friendly locals. Understand, Swing is not a partnered dance in the sense where you dance with one person all the time… its a social dance and everybody dances with everybody!

As far as where do we dance? We live in Florida, so most of the places we dance are in-state.

Whirl n’ Twirl – 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month – OrlandoSwingDance.com
We are rotating teachers at the Whirl n’ Twirl, a awesome air-conditioned great sized venue with a fantastic dance floor in Orlando. Hosted by a seasoned dancer himself, Joshua McDonald, the dances are always fresh and new with a variety of DJ’s and even an occasional LIVE BAND. There is a swing lesson at the beginning of each dance and always lots of friendlys to practice with. This venue is a family venue and ages range from 8 to 80! With great prices, $6 for students and $8 for adults, it really can’t be beat! Visit Orlando Swing Dance for more info!

UCF Knights – Fridays – SwingKnights.org
UCF Knights have been holding Friday night dances for years. Recently they moved to a venue off campus. From their site “Our dances, $5 each, feature a $1 beginner lesson from 8:30-9:00 pm prior to the dance, while the dancing itself continues from 9pm until midnight. Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa is enthusiastically danced, as dj’d vintage swing music fills the room. Everyone, student or not, is welcome, so come on out for an evening of fun!” They also have great rotating local DJ’s that will keeping your feet moving through the night! Visit Swing Knights for more info! Or visit their facebook page.

Dancin Orlando – 2nd and 4th Friday - swingbearblue.com
From the site : Dancin Orlando is bringing you an Experimental night of Social Partner Dancing. This is a night for all the dancers who stopped coming out on a regular basis for whatever the reason. We want to cater to you, and have you mixing it up again, and having fun on a Friday night. Because this is an experiment we are going to try a couple of things. 1st we are going to try a request night. Comment on the event with your song requests, or send us links to your spotify playlist. You can also comment with a style of music that you would most like to dance to. Once we have a better Idea of who’s coming, and what you want to dance to we can start making this the night that you want to come out and dance to. A 30 minute lesson on Leading and following will be given before the dance starts at 8pm. The dancing will be from 8:30pm – 12am Admission is only $10

Orange Blossom Balboa – One Saturday/month - www.orangeblossombalboa.com
From the site : Orange Blossom Balboa seeks to make the Orlando Balboa scene BAL-Awesome. We host classes, workshops, and dances to cultivate the love and growth of Balboa. We want to share information that helps individuals experience and develop their personal dance styles and find workshops and exchanges across the globe. Balboa is a jazz partner dance under the large umbrella of swing dancing. It is characterized by a close, elegant embrace, subtle flow, and quick foot movements and embellishments. It is usually danced to up-tempo early jazz style music – think Big Band Jazz. . There will be a beginner lesson from 8 to 9 p.m. Then dance the night away to your favorite jazz tunes from 9 p.m. to Midnight.Space is limited due to studio capacity so it is highly recommended that you purchase your admission online as soon as possible. $8 pre-register, $10 door.

This is just a few to get you started! There are quite a few more in the surrounding areas that are worth looking into and checking out as well – we hope to see you on the dance floor!

Lessons & Events

PLEASE NOTE : Due to Coronavirus, we are no longer giving lessons. We are not sure if that will change in the future, but we’ll post updates here if that changes. Stay Safe!

Yes! We do events and private lessons! Chad and I come as a pair so you’ll get two instructors!

Our Prices :
- $80/hour for up to two people for private lessons at our home studio or in a local ballroom.
- Classes with discounts for large groups are as follows :
*  4-6 people : $25/per person
* 7-15 people : $20/per person
* 16 or more : $15/per person (max 40)
Local Travel Fees are $0.50/mile, Outside of the State/Country? Contact us a ck@chadnkelly.com for rates!

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